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The first and only Egyptian online educational platform that explains the national laboratories accreditation standards set by GAHAR and the best practice on how to comply with them.

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The ELAB initiative is led by the General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation and Regulation (GAHAR) and developed and maintained by Egyptian eminent experts to help Egyptian laboratories understand the national laboratories accreditation standards and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to develop and implement a world-class quality management system.



ELAB courses has been developed by Egyptian eminent experts from GAHAR and the medical community to explain the national accreditation standards and leverage Egyptian laboratories services through sharing the best practice for developing and implementing quality management systems.

Scientific Board of Experts

ELAB’s board of accreditation and quality experts includes Egyptian eminent experts from different specialties 
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ELAB is the first national educational platform for medical laboratory professionals in the Arab and African regions.


ELAB contains educational technical and managerial courses based on GAHAR accreditation standards for clinical laboratories.  

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Courses are prepared and introduced by a group of university professors and clinical laboratory experts from top universities and international organizations. 

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ELAB is developed by GAHAR, the very same entity that developed the national accreditation standards. 

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Including Egyptian eminent experts from GAHAR and the Egyptian medical community

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